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Boot Camp Transformation: 
6 Years In Business, Small Town Market, Need Qualified Clients
“My Revenue Has Tripled and AUM Up 362%!
"I’m in a small town of 30,000 people. I resisted coming for 2 years. Big mistake. Since Scott’s Boot Camp, my revenue has tripled from $315,000 to over $973,000 and my AUM went from $24 million to over $87 million! We are on track to exceed $1,100,000!”
Chad Disbennett, CFP
Lancaster, Ohio
Boot Camp Transformation Case Study
25 Years In Business, Big City, Tons Of Competition
“My Revenue Grew 93%; Cut My Clients by 32%.”
"The decision to go to Scott Keffer’s Boot Camp is a no brainer.  Scott helped me grow my revenue from $958,000 to over $1,850,000, Plus, 
I reduced the number of clients I service by 32%. It is truly the best 3 days I’ve ever spent!”
Keith Thomson, CFP
Toronto, Canada
Boot Camp Transformation Case Study
12 Years In Business, Big City Suburb, Too Many Small Clients
"70-Hours A Week To 3 Months Out Of The Office!"
"I was so skeptical I almost didn’t come to Scott’s Boot Camp. Wow, I now spend over 3 months OUT of the office AND our revenue has TRIPLED since working with Scott."
Sharon Duncan, CFP
Friendswood, Texas
Boot Camp Is OPEN!
Retail Price: $2,997.00
Pittsburgh Airport Hyatt in Pittsburgh, PA
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November 13, 14, & 15, 2019
…or Call (412) 854-7860
WARNING: Boot Camp always sells out fast! 
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38 Years In Business, Million Dollar Producer
“In the almost 50 years in this business, there has never been a system and training as complete as Scott’s Boot Camp on marketing for a serious advisor.”
Simon “Stuffy” Singer, CFP
Past President, FORUM 400
35-Year Top Of The Table 
What YOU Get In 6 Content Rich Training Sessions
SESSION #1 of 6:
“The 7X Factors For Creating Breakthrough Results”
The Bottom Line: When you have this roadmap to success, you can quickly achieve Elite Advisor status. This means more money, more time, and more energy for YOU!
Most other advisors are at the mercy of New World Market riptide forces. But not you! Instead of doing what every other advisor training teaches, namely building your business around financial products, YOU will be smarter. By implementing powerful strategies to streamline and systematize your business, you’ll find you can generate more income when you’re OUT of the office then when you’re there!
You’ll discover:
  • The 7X Advisor Model: Tap into the hidden “X” factors for creating massive results and the elite income you’ve always dreamed of.
  •  Affluent Advisor Mindset: It’s no secret that peak performers practice powerful ways of thinking to supercharge their success. Change your thinking and catapult your practice. I’ll show you how.
  •  5 Ironclad Requirements for Becoming an Affluent Advisor: Rise to the top when you combine all 5. Miss even one, and you won’t dominate your market. Multiply your results to the “Power of 5!"
  •  Overcoming the 7 Greatest Advisor Fears: Use an arsenal of techniques that will finally vaporize the secret fears that are holding you back. This is powerful!
  •  13 Success Levers: Leverage the “lucky 13” to achieve all of your goals, no matter how big they may be!
  •  The Dynamite Dozen: Stay in alignment with your core values through these bedrock principles for building a “true to you” successful business.
And that's just the beginning!
Dear Fellow Advisor,

Scott Keffer here. 

I think you’ll agree that Keith Thomson’s and Sharon Duncan's  incredible success is truly motivating and exciting. He came to Boot Camp, applied what he learned, and at this point, the sky really is the limit for Keith.

But I do need to tell you this right up front.

What I’m inviting you to participate in is not for someone who thinks simply hearing the strategies I’ll teach you are enough to skyrocket your business.

It’s more than that.

There are lots of reasons folks become Financial Advisors. Some do it just to make a reasonable living. They scramble for what I call “hit and run” short-term ways of marketing trying to make that happen. They spend way too much time working long hours and worrying about where the next client is coming from. Frankly, they’re willing to settle for what they’ve got.

Nothing wrong with that if that’s your comfort zone. 


If you have a fire in your belly to achieve MORE…

If you feel deep inside that you are capable of MORE

This is for YOU!

This invitation is only for Financial Advisors who are VERY intent on creating an entirely new way to achieve their dreams, work with right-fit clients, make more money, and give the utmost in value.

I’m passionate about this, because when I began my career as a Financial Advisor more than 30-years ago, I struggled through the very same kinds of issues YOU may be facing. It was discouraging and frustrating. Because even though I worked hard…

Well, here's my personal story...
Furthest Thing From An Elite Advisor... 
I went all the way to the bottom and had to find a way to climb back up again, which ultimately led to the breakthrough training you’re invited to.

You see, after nearly a quarter of a century in the business, working hard and building a financial planning business…

Teetering On The Brink Of Bankruptcy…
And I wasn’t there alone. Far from it. It was Friday, June 25th, our 21st Wedding Anniversary.

It Felt More Like Black Friday…
But my dear wife Beth and I weren’t on our way to an exclusive restaurant to celebrate. We were pulling into the parking lot behind my office building. I was shaking inside, scared to death, but trying to appear calm.

And after two decades of marriage, Beth could see right through my show of casual bravado. All I could think was how I was letting her down.

As I parked, I noticed two men toiling away in the summer heat, tending to the landscaping. I found myself wondering If I could manage a side job, to try and keep us afloat financially.
I forced the thought away, as we emerged from the car.

Holding hands, we walked down the hallway to our meeting with my soon to be ex-business partner, and the small army of lawyers who were going to complete the buy-back of his share of the financial planning business I had started almost a decade before.

Was this actually happening? Was I really buying back my partner’s share of the company and assuming ALL the company debt? Yes, it was all too real.
And the frightening fact was…

I Was Now On The Hook for $463,459.15
But that wasn’t even the worst of it.
Beth wasn’t there simply to lend moral support. My partner’s attorneys insisted on including Beth in the agreement. That meant ALL our personal assets would be on the line.

Mine. Hers. Everything we owned jointly. Even our home was at risk.

It had to be done. It was the only way to save my practice, and try to maintain security for my family. I took a deep breath, grabbed the pen and signed. It was so incredibly hard.

But Then Came The Hardest Part Of All…
Taking Beth the papers to sign was the worst moment of my life. She was so overwhelmed, she could barely sign her name.
Her Hands Were Shaking…  
And my heart was breaking. Beth had never been anything but supportive and encouraging. 

She didn’t deserve this. And at that moment, the fear in her eyes was like an arrow piercing my soul.

I was…

Ashamed, Discouraged, And Humiliated…
How could I have let myself and my family down this way? Where was there to turn? I felt a surge of desperation as I hit rock bottom.
Ironically, it is often in moments when we are tested to the extreme, that the greatest clarity can also occur. In that split second, I made the most important decision of my business life. 

Looking at Beth…

I Made An Unbreakable Vow
I’d stop blaming anyone else for my current circumstances. It was my responsibility, and mine alone. There was no time for self-pity or licking my wounds. Whatever it took…

I’d Find The Answers, No Matter What
I set my course to start with a fresh slate. I was determined to learn everything I needed to know about building a profitable advisor business, without losing my soul, my mind, or my family.

In the following months, I invested in working with the best coaches I could find. Though on the surface it would seem foolish to do so with the crushing debt I’d taken on, in my heart, I knew it was the best possible investment I could make.

At first, it was an uphill battle. A regurgitation of the same old myths, lies, and misinformation we’ve all been handed as financial advisors that had taken me to the verge of bankruptcy in the first place.

Breakthrough Came Outside The Industry
It was like a life-saving breath of fresh air. Slowly, methodically, as I turned my attention to smart marketing strategies and innovative techniques, I saw a pattern emerging.

I discovered new gems of wisdom, that when applied produced profound changes. I experienced bigger, more consistent results with less effort. 

I knew from experience, that these were strategies 99% of my fellow financial advisors had never been taught, and would likely never discover on their own.
It Still Wasn’t Enough…
I had to have predictable results. There had to be repeatable and reliable systems that worked consistently over and over again, and that others could easily duplicate.

So I tested, tweaked, refined, honed, polished, redefined and tested some more. 

Strategies that didn’t work were eliminated. Strategies producing results were explored even further and refined for optimum profitability.

At first, I used this goldmine of knowledge to power up my business. And it worked! The most tangible result?

My $463,459.15 Debt Was Paid Off…
Yep. By God's grace, almost half a million dollars paid in full, while growing my business, taking care of my staff and day to day obligations, and maintaining an excellent quality of life for my family. 

And here’s the real kicker…

ALL Achieved By Working LESS…
There was more time for my family, friends, and faith. We became closer, and happier in the process.

Of course, advisor colleagues close to me couldn’t help but notice what was happening. They started asking questions, and I started sharing the strategies I was using.
And then…

It Started Working For Other Advisors…
The more I helped them, the more I knew how important this was to every financial advisor. I knew I had a calling and a duty to share it with you.

And so in 2010, we launched the very first…

DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp. 
And the rest, as they say, is history. The response has been humbling and incredibly 

Now I'm On A Mission…
We are now on a mission to show 5,000 financial advisors how to break free to the next level… MORE money, MORE time and MORE energy so that you can live a life of BIG Impact!

Boot Camp Registration Is OPEN!
Retail Price: $1,997.00
Pittsburgh Airport Hyatt in Pittsburgh, PA
November 7, 8 & 9, 2018
…or Call (800) 281-1575
WARNING: Boot Camp always sells out fast! 
Act now so you don’t miss out.
SESSION #2 of 6:
“How To Automatically Attract Affluent Clients”
The Bottom Line: In this extremely popular session you’ll learn the Million Dollar Practice Secrets that will forever change how you Position, Brand, & Package your services.
If you’re sick and tired of beating the bushes for clients, you simply can’t afford to miss this session. Want a consistently steady flow of pre-qualified, ideal prospects? You’ll leave with not one, but a DOZEN proven methods to attract them. There’s a very good reason this is consistently one of the highest rated Sessions at Boot Camp!
  • How to Create an Arc of Distinction®: This immediately launches you miles ahead of your competitors. They won’t have a clue how you did it!
  •  Speaking Affluence: You’ll close more clients when you jump right into your affluent prospect’s head by speaking their language and giving them what they REALLY want.
  •  Magnetic Client Attraction: How to systematically attract your ideal affluent prospect and stay aligned with the successful business you deserve. No more blood sucking vampire clients!
  •  Scientific Secrets of the Affluent: Dig deep into the latest research on the affluent population and leverage it to find, attract, and close more right-fit clients.
SESSION #3 of 6:
“How To Close Every Great Prospect”
The Bottom Line: This session alone is worth your entire investment of Boot Camp, and without exception AMAZES attendees. You’ll be handed powerful keys for persuading, influencing, and motivating the affluent to buy YOU in the fastest, most ethical way possible.
No other advisor training is going to teach you what you’ll learn in this session. I’ve trained with the top influence and persuasion masters, and condensed the most elusive and powerful triggers into strategies that will compel your prospects to buy from YOU. It goes without saying, these techniques must only be used for GOOD. They are that powerful.
  • The REAL Truth About The Affluent: We’ll unearth the 3 Deadly Lies every advisor has been taught about the affluent. Once you know the REAL TRUTH, you’ll easily attract MORE high-net-worth clients.
  •  The #1 Thing The Affluent Want You To Provide: Understanding this ONE thing you can easily give them is essential. When you do this, they’ll never even consider leaving you!
  •  28 Powerful Engagement Principles: These simple, yet powerful, engagement and influence principles will ensure you turn your ideal prospects into appreciative clients. They’ll be clamoring to work with you!
  •  My High Velocity “Next Level” Principle: This is like adding rocket fuel to every other strategy you implement. Apply it exactly like I’ll show you, and prepare to be amazed at the dramatic results!
And we’re still only half way through your breakthrough training. 

Check out what is next...
DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp
“Eight years ago, financial advisor Scott Keffer had no clients and no firm.
Just a crazy idea to start up a practice that catered only to millionaires.”
2003 Profiles in Success – Research Magazine
“Scott Keffer’s Double Your Affluent Clients program and live seminars
are known to thousands of financial advisors….”
Huffington Post
Since then advisors from three countries, the United States (including Hawaii and Puerto Rico), Canada, and even Australia agree, “It’s one of the finest advisor trainings” they have ever attended.
I’ve Shown Hundreds Of Advisors How To Do This!

Scott shows financial advisors how to 2X, 4X and even 10X their business
Scott is the real deal.” 
Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on ABC TV’s Shark Tank, Inventor of the Infomercial, and Pioneer of the “As Seen On TV” Industry, more than $5 Billion in sales.
YOU Could Be The Next Breakthrough!
Boot Camp Is Open!
Retail Price: $2,997.00
Pittsburgh Airport Hyatt in Pittsburgh, PA
Click The Button To Join Us On
May 6, 7 & 8, 2020
…or Call (412) 854-7860
WARNING: Boot Camp always sells out fast! 
Act now so you don’t miss out.
YES you should attend! 
Because this is what can happen next 
for the Financial Advisors I’ve trained…
Boot Camp Transformation Case Study
2 Years In Business, $50,000 Revenue, No Clients
"One Million Dollars In My 4th Year!"
"With Scott Keffer’s innovative training and coaching, I went from $100,000 to a $1,000,000 (one million dollars) in revenueWe are now on track to double our business every 3 years."

Barry Spencer, Financial Advisor
SESSION #4 of 6:
“Charge More & Retain More Clients In ANY Economy”
The Bottom Line: Now more than ever, the economy is a potential roller coaster. Advisors who are still stuck in a rut, doing things the old way are rapidly lumped into commoditization, which is the kiss of death for your business. Instead, create unique client experiences that position you as a leader so your business will thrive!
If you don’t want to disappear into a sea of forgettable Advisors, this is one of the most important sessions of Boot Camp. With the smart and innovative strategies you’ll learn in this session, you’ll create an unforgettable and valuable experience for every one of your clients. This is how you structure a “velvet cord” binding your clients to you for good.
  • Increase Your Fees To Increase Client Loyalty: Sound unbelievable and counter-intuitive? I can assure you, this works like gangbusters when strategically implemented. I guarantee this will knock your socks off!
  •  Transform Your Staff Into An Elite Concierge Team: In a few simple steps, your team will methodically attract and cater to clients so well, your clients will be thrilled and loyal. Why would they leave when you treat them like VIP’s? It’s easy to accomplish and SO effective!
  •  Profitable Escalation Structures: Activate the 5 keys to upgrade your clients so you make and KEEP more revenue from every single ideal client. This is just one of the ways you work less and make MORE!
  •  My 10-Step Client Retention System: Just follow the roadmap I’ll give you for your 10-step “client for life” system, and watch your client retention soar! You really can pick and choose exactly who you want to work with.
  •  Stealth Strategies For Client Appreciation: This is how you quietly and consistently “teach” your clients to appreciate you. They’ll have 20/20 insight and understanding of the value you bring to them. And that means they’re bonded to you for life!
Take a deep breath, because there’s still MORE!
SESSION #5 of 6:
“Motivating & Structuring Your Team For BIGGER Results”
The Bottom Line: Advisors are notorious for working harder instead of SMARTER. But when you structure your team correctly, you can nearly DOUBLE productivity while working LESS! These strategies are designed to allow your business to run like clockwork WITHOUT you.
Imagine having an enthusiastic team working in unison to increase your success. They do it consistently, willingly, and effectively. Even when you aren’t there! Yes, it’s true. An important measure of your success is a business that may even run better without you. Sound impossible? Not when you implement these proven strategies!
  • The 10-Step, Sure Fire, Never-Miss Hiring System: It only makes sense that it starts with having “right-fit” employees too! Using this system will make that process easy to accomplish.
  •  The Power Of Rituals: These daily and weekly rituals bring meaning to your staff, and keep every person on your team focused on consistently putting more money in YOUR pocket. The psychology of this is powerful and effective!
  •  Curing The Productivity Virus: How to zero in on the #1 productivity destroyer in your office AND banish it forever. This one thing is like a contagious virus spreading negativity, lack of motivation, and apathy in your office and must be removed!
  •  Motivation Multipliers: The FOUR motivators every staff person strives for. This is the greatest gift you can give your team. They will go the distance and beyond for you once you have this established.
Now that you’re working SMARTER, let’s have some FUN!
And while Barry’s success is certainly impressive, he’s not the only one experiencing this kind of breakthrough for their business…
“I was blown away. It was better than any industry meeting in the last 20 years. It might have been the best meeting I ever attended in terms of practical, relevant and applicable material I could use immediately to enhance our marketing.”
Dave Holaday, CFP,  Carmel, Indiana
“Scott gives me the most actionable content of any meeting I’ve ever been to in my 50 years in the business.”
Gene Offredi, CFP, RFC, Guilford, Connecticut 
“Scott gave us the process to leverage the Internet to bring in more ideal prospects at a very low cost per lead. Even better, Scott tells us exactly what to say: he gave us one specific phrase that has already been an incredible door opener.
Marilyn Suey, CFP, San Francisco, California
“Before the Boot Camp, I was struggling and frustrated. Scott gave me a very specific practice roadmap to identify my Target Niches and the exact language to attract and get prospects to action.
Ray O’Connell, RFC, Alpharetta, Georgia 
“I received a tremendous amount of immediately actionable templates that will positively impact my practice revenue.”
Bob Livingston, CFP, Allentown, Pennsylvania
“Creating A Profit-Pumping, Lifestyle-Friendly Business”
The Bottom Line: When you structure your business the RIGHT way, you run your business the FUN way. This is why Boot Camp attendees start saying they’re enjoying their business more than ever. YOU can too!
There are some key points you were probably taught when you first started in the business that are totally wrong. In fact, they are destructive and crippling to your success and happiness. The good news is, with these strategies you can have a reboot in your business that is transformational for your revenue AND your zest for life. Say good-bye to struggle and hello to happiness!
  • Remodeling Your Business For Fun & Profit: This is how you purposefully rebuild your business around your lifestyle so you can work less, spend little, and bring home more. It’s remarkably easy to achieve and SO worth it!
  •  The Advisor Brain Cleanse: How to cast out the entirely WRONG things you were taught about your business, and update to something that actually WORKS for you. You’ll soon discover how the “old thinking” has been holding you back. Time to sweep those cobwebs away!
  •  The Sane Way To Double Your Annual Revenue: There’s a strategic way to double your annual revenue without working longer, harder, or losing your mind in the process. You’ll want to start on this one immediately!
  •  The One Number Checkpoint: There is ONE number that allows you to pinpoint exactly where your business is at any given time. This is how you’ll know you’re making real progress.
  •  The VIP Secret To A Profit Maximizing Business: This is the ONE secret previously only shared with my private VIP Coaching Members. This one strategy alone will allow you to build a profit maximizing business centered around your lifestyle, and to experience the freedom of saying “no” whenever you want, so you can say YES to whatever you want!
Here’s How To Know If This Is For YOU…
  • This is for YOU if you’re sick and tired of struggling to get in front of enough ideal prospects.
  •  This is for YOU if you want a reliable formula for consistently converting a high percentage of prospects into “right fit” affluent clients.
  •  This is for YOU if you’d love to discover proven strategies for marketing your business that are shockingly effective and will put you miles ahead of your competition.
  •  This is for YOU if you’re ready to fire your non-ideal clients who suck the life out of your soul, deplete your energy, and don’t give you the respect you deserve.
  •  This is for YOU if you crave more time for your family, friends, and causes you care deeply about.
  •  This is for YOU if you want to multiply your revenue, spend more time outside the office, and rediscover the passion that brought you to this business in the first place.
  •  This is for YOU if you want to have FUN in your business!
If this resonates with you, be sure to read ALL of this letter, because this requires you to take IMMEDIATE action.
Boot Camp Is OPEN!
Retail Price: $2,997.00
Pittsburgh Airport Hyatt in Pittsburgh, PA
Click The Button To Join Us On
May 6, 7 & 8, 2020
…or Call (412) 854-7860
WARNING: Boot Camp always sells out fast! 
Act now so you don’t miss out.
I Say This For THREE Reasons…
FIRST, after years of searching, learning, testing, and investing more than $312,000 of my own money in working with the best, I opened the doors to the DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients Boot Camp.

Not only have I been blessed with incredible success through the strategies I will teach you, as word spread, I’m routinely in demand as a speaker, and have written an Amazon Best Seller specifically for Financial Advisors. The value for you is real.

Boot Camp is a LIVE 3-day coaching event with me, and the Super Bonus of one carefully selected guest speaker and trainer. If you choose to join us…
Your Life WILL Change Forever
  • If you implemented what you are given, your income will very likely go up. You'll find it so much easier and fulfilling to impact the lives of your clients in an entirely new way. 
  • You'll experience an ongoing level of transformation and breakthroughs in your business unlike anything you've achieved before.  
  • ​You will fully realize that no matter how well you may or may not currently be doing, you have all the potential to continually increase your revenue at will, simply by implementing what I will teach you.
  •  Your stress and frustration about attracting new right-fit clients will disappear. You’ll be able to make MORE in LESS time. In fact, you will discover a personal freedom you may never have had before.
  • You will also realize your business can, and SHOULD, run better even when you aren’t there.            This is truly the ultimate freedom!
  •  This will be a MASSIVE upgrade in your status and lifestyle. You may even find other Financial Advisors a bit stunned and curious about how you have achieved this. So be prepared for that!
“As a seven figure producer, I thought I had a pretty good formula. In all his programs, Scott has the exact language and analogies that attract the right people to work with me. He has an amazing ability to know how to get people to respond. I humbly submit to Scott’s techniques as being far superior to my own.”
Joseph Sturniolo, CFP, Denver, Colorado
One day of personal mentoring with me goes for $20,000. 

But YOU will get access to the same level of coaching with me for THREE DAYS for a fraction of that IF you act quickly. 

This year, we will be honored with the presence of an extraordinary entrepreneur, someone who will reset your mindset and awareness of what you can be to an all time high.

Our guest speaker and trainer for this session of Boot Camp is none other than… the Inc. 500 CEO, Author and Entrepreneur, Robert Jordan!
Robert Jordan
- Founder, The First Internet-Coverage Magazine In the World
- The "Modern Day Napoleon Hill" - Interviewing Billion Dollar Entreprenuers
- Author, How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America
- Regular Contribrutor, FORBES and Huffington Post
SECOND, as you can see by the testimonials and Case Studies on these pages, many Financial Advisors who step up to the plate and attend Boot Camp experience an array of incredible transformations in their business.

And good news travels fast! As a result, our Boot Camps always, without exception, sell out FAST as well. If you don’t reserve your space, you will be shut out. It’s as simple as that.

THIRD, I always go the distance for you! 

Unlike some pitch fests barely disguised trainings, there will not be an ever constant parade of speakers who are all trying to sell you something.

As I mentioned before, I carefully select ONE guest speaker and trainer for each Boot Camp. I only invite individuals who are spectacularly successful, and generously share their knowledge in their presentations. 

This should be considered the frosting on the cake, because…

The rest of the entire THREE DAYS of training is ALL with me. 

I hold nothing back. In fact, I feel it is my duty and obligation to share these transformational strategies with as many Financial Advisors as possible, so you no longer have to struggle.

Take A Look At What Other 
Experts Are Saying About The Value You’ll Receive…
“I interview many of the nation’s top entrepreneurs to figure out what it takes to be highly successful, and I learned that one key element is having a great coach. Scott Keffer delivers as a coach. His ability to see opportunities and design a fast and effective solution for results is one of his strengths. Scott has helped me get incredible and powerful results I would not have accomplished without his coaching. I recommend Scott and his coaching without reservation.” 
Robert Jordan, Inc 500 CEO, Author, How They Did It
“Scott shows financial advisors how to 2X, 4X and even 10X their business. Scott is the real deal. If you are looking for a coach, trainer or speaker, Scott Keffer is your man.” 

Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on ABC TV’s Shark Tank, Inventor of the Infomercial, and Pioneer of the “As Seen On TV” Industry, having launched over 500 products resulting in more than $5 Billion in sales.
“Scott’s Boot Camp is the very best place for financial professionals in the world today. Scott is one of the premier speakers and coaches in the financial industry.” 

Brian Tracy, Business Trainer and Best Selling Author (over 70 books), Including The Psychology of Selling
“Scott Keffer is a highly sought after and highly paid marketing master.” 

Leeza Gibbons, Emmy-Award Winning TV Host, Winner, Celebrity Apprentice, New York Times Best Selling Author
“I recommend Scott. He delivers great content that will help you in big ways to grow your business and attract bigger and better clients.” 

Darren Hardy, Publisher, Success Magazine and New York Times Best Selling Author of Compound Effect
“You should spend time with Scott. He will teach you the principles of greater success as a wealth manager, as well as greater success in life.”

Joe Theismann, Super Bowl Champion Quarterback and NFL Broadcaster 
These Boot Camp Training Sessions 
Are A Game Changer For YOU and Your Business!
Don’t be surprised if after this session of Boot Camp, you have a complete epiphany about how you want to run your business.

I’m pretty sure you’ll want to embrace my personal business philosophy:
  • Don’t Create Your Lifestyle Around Your Business…
  •  Create Your Business Around Your Lifestyle …
  •  So You Can Make A Lot…
  •  Spend A Little…
  •  And Work As Little As Possible!”
As a matter of fact, you could find your lifestyle dovetails beautifully with your newly transformed business, just like Boot Camp alum Sharon Duncan…
THIS Is How You Experience FREEDOM 
In Your Business And In Your Life!
Boot Camp Transformation Case Study
32 Years In Business, Wanted To Retire, Wanted New Prospects
“My First Year Working With Scott Was
My Highest Revenue Year Ever in 36 Years!”
I received a flyer for Scott’s Boot Camp. The testimonials were so impressive, I thought “Wow. If he is even half as good as these people say, it’s probably worth checking out. So, I invested in myself and went. And I’m SO glad I did! 

For example, implementing ONE of Scott’s recommended strategies resulted in 43 scheduled appointments with potential clientsIt was my best business year ever.

Richard Coe, CFP, Wichita, Kansas
So, I invested in myself and went. And I’m SO glad I did! What a huge, beneficial and impactful decision that was. It definitely set the stage for a lot of good things.

In 2016, my first year working with Scott, my revenue was the highest of my entire career! It was my best business year ever, on multiple fronts.

While the first year felt foundational, like a launching pad, now in my second-year coaching with Scott, it feels like we are taking off.

There are so many reasons why this is happening. For one thing, Scott has helped me to understand at an even deeper level just how much our clients need someone like me. That makes all the difference. I have a higher level of confidence, and even more conviction of the value we provide.

If I had to zero in on the single biggest change in my business, it would be the ease with which I am consistently getting in front of more qualified prospects than ever before. I’m marketing much more effectively in an entirely new way. As a result, we’re able to help more people and grow the business with “right fit” clients.

I’m also able to work just four days a week, even though the business runs smoothly and effectively five days a week. And I have to say, I enjoyed my work even more than ever before in 2016 as I implemented Scott’s recommended marketing strategies. Our team is functioning better than ever.

For example, implementing ONE of Scott’s recommended strategies resulted in 43 scheduled appointments with potential clients.
I’ve Worked With Different Coaches Over The Years,
And Scott Keffer Is By Far, The Best I’ve Ever Worked With.
Scott is warm and authentic. His coaching style is deeply personal, and tailor made to the needs and style of each individual he works with. His priority is to understand YOU, and you will immediately feel that when you work with him. He has a talent for assimilating knowledge, listening intently, and then creating reliable processes for marketing your business that work consistently.

But more than that, Scott has walked the walk. He has successfully built multi-million dollar businesses with the exact same principles and strategies he teaches. He’s not just “book smart”—he literally practices what he preaches.
“Attending Boot Camp Was One Of
The Greatest Business Decisions Of My Career”
I’ve already been to three Boot Camps, and will be attending my fourth this year. Why? Because Scott always has something fresh and new to teach, and the benefit of going is huge. 

"If you want to experience the best year ever in your business, I highly recommend you begin by attending Scott’s Boot Camp.”
Richard Coe, Wichita, Kansas
You really do have this kind of power at your fingertips when you come to Boot Camp. It is entirely possible to create the kind of business you’ve always dreamed of, including the financial and personal rewards you deserve.

Commit to your own success. Take positive action NOW. And then prepare to see what happens when you…
Transform Your Business, Your Life And Your Legacy
I certainly hope you’re beginning to catch the vision of what is possible.

Keep in mind, your ability to “rise above” is directly connected to the quality of the coaching you receive.
Theory And “Good Ideas” Are Simply Not Enough...
The kind of success you seek comes from absorbing knowledge and inspiration born out of more than 30-years of experience, struggle, and triumph over adversity. That’s what I will bring to the table, and YOU will instantly gain from our relationship.

Compare what you will receive at the DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp with any other training available to Financial Advisors.

COACHING: You’ll get all of my attention and expertise for THREE solid days of Boot Camp, and from ONE guest speaker, Robert Jordan. You definitely want to learn from someone who doesn’t just talk theory, but has actually been in the trenches, just like you.

POSITIONING: You probably understand how important this is. Presenting and leading from a position of authority and expertise is essential for you to build a business around high-net-worth clients. Without the ability to do this, you’ll still be missing the boat.

PROVEN SYSTEMS: You absolutely must have the most innovative, proven systems and strategies to market your business effectively. Dinosaur tactics taught to Financial Advisors for decades simply do NOT work! You need simple to implement, but POWERFUL systems that work for you 24/7/365.

AUTOMATION: If you want to enjoy true FREEDOM in your business, the system you implement must run so smoothly and flawlessly, they continue to work on your behalf even when you aren’t in the office! If you don’t have easily deployed systems that do this for you, you won’t find lifestyle freedom.

MOMENTUM: The training you receive should give you the momentum you need to power up and launch multiple streams of revenue in your business. It only makes sense that when you have a proven program as your foundation, you will achieve leverage in your business and easily outdistance your competition.

CREDIBILITY: I believe you will find abundant confirmation of the stellar reputation this Boot Camp and the high-quality training you will receive from the comments on these pages from other Financial Advisors who have attended.

And last, but not least, the most obvious reward…

MASSIVE SUCCESS! This is very easy to understand. When you model and implement proven success strategies and systems, combined with the power of coaching, positioning, automation, momentum, and credibility, you WILL be successful!
You really do have this kind of power at your fingertips when you come to Boot Camp. It is entirely possible to create the kind of business you’ve always dreamed

If you’re still here, you’re obviously interested in what might be possible for you when you make the decision right now to attend Boot Camp

So let me ask you a question…
What Would Happen If You Believed In Yourself?
Putting yourself out there and stepping into your potential is key. Right this minute you may be deliberating about whether or not it’s worth it.

Before you consign yourself to the “same old same old” instead of embracing transformation in your business, I invite you to consider this.

What would happen if you believed in yourself enough to GO for it right now?

What kind of stunning transformation could be YOURS if you stepped up with determination and commitment to creating the most rewarding and satisfying life you could imagine?

When you reach the end of this magnificent journey we call LIFE, will you look back with regret at the things you didn’t do?

Or will you have the satisfaction of knowing you rose to your calling and stepped into your destiny?

It really is up to you.
Capture The Vision. Have Courage.
Be Memorable!
When you sign up for the DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp today, here’s just a sampling of what you will receive…
  • My Proven Formula For DOUBLING Your Affluent Clients AND Your Income…
  •  How You Can Take Home MORE Of The Revenue Your Business Brings In…
  •  The Proven Blueprint For Attracting MORE Affluent Clients…
  •  A Step-By-Step System For Hugely Increasing The Effectiveness Of Your Marketing For LESS Money…
  •  The Ability To Rise Above EVERY Competitor And Lock Them Out Forever…
  •  The Powerful Financial Advisor Marketing Systems To Automatically Draw Your Ideal Prospects To You Month After Month…
  •  The Ability To Build Your Ideal Lifestyle Around Your Growing Business…
  •  How To 2X Your Personal Productivity…
  •  The Most Effective Tools For Instantly Increasing Your Staff’s Productivity…
  •  The FREEDOM To Take More Time Off Without Worrying, Feeling Guilty, Or Making Less Money…
  •  MORE confidence, MORE energy, MORE satisfaction, MORE time, MORE affluent clients, MORE money, and MORE happiness!
  •  And YES, even MORE!
I Invite You To Register NOW!
Boot Camp Is OPEN!
Retail Price: $2,997.00
Pittsburgh Airport Hyatt in Pittsburgh, PA
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May 6, 7 & 8, 2020
…or Call (800) 281-1575
WARNING: Boot Camp always sells out fast! 
Act now so you don’t miss out.
When you attend Boot Camp and implement the proven strategies I will teach you, you will stand apart from other Financial Advisors in our industry as one of the elite, because of the innovative strategies you will possess.

Your business will transform, grow, and gain momentum. Nagging frustration, confusion, and discouragement will soon be a thing of the past. Instead of worrying about where the next client will come from, you will be inspired and motivated by the amazing array of possibilities opened to you.
“At Scott’s Boot Camp, I received the marketing templates to attract more of my Target Niche prospects.

Anne Trinh, CFP, Torrance, California
Incredible tools to grow our business, plus great moments of personal clarity.”

Carol Ash, Ontario, Canada
“Scott’s Boot Camp gave me so many easy and practical tools and processes to change my business and my life. His Confidence System has been critical to keeping me “up” for the battle I face day by day as an advisor. Most of all, The Ideal Client Process has helped target my 3 Niches and narrow my marketing to attract just the people I want to work with.

Luana Mobley Corral, CFP, CFS, CLTC, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
“Initially I thought, money’s tight. Everybody’s saying to cut back. But I thought, how do I reverse the trend in my business? Do I do what every other advisor is doing… cut back? Successful people invest in themselves. Well, am I glad I invested the money and time. One idea from Scott is worth the entire investment.”

Roger L Hoenes, CFP, ChFC, CLU, Springfield, Missouri
You will be hard pressed to find ANY advisor training this comprehensive, complete, and ready-to-implement 
the day you return home from Boot Camp. 

And just to make your decision even easier, 
I’ll guarantee this is…
A RISK FREE Decision 
You Can Make With Peace Of Mind!
I’m confident you will see both the value of Boot Camp and the return on your investment the very first day. But I understand if you still hear the whispers of skepticism in your head. Will this training REALLY be all that is promised?

YES! But I want you to be completely comfortable. So make your decision to attend right now with complete peace of mind with…
So you see, you can confidently make your decision to attend Boot Camp right now! 

Remember, Boot Camp historically sells out very quickly.

If you leave this page now and wait too long to return, you could very well see we are already closed and you’ve missed out. 

In addition, the very best price is the one you see here TODAY.

The closer we get to Boot Camp, the higher the investment.

Reserve your seat now, before it’s too late!

I look forward to meeting you in person very soon!

Scott Keffer
Founder and CEO
Scott Keffer International
Double Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp
P.S. Today is the day you decide. You CHOOSE whether you want to keep on settling for “ordinary” (with the same ordinary results!)
Or whether you are ready to step up into your full potential as a Financial Advisor. 

Tap into the power of the DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients Boot Camp, and experience the power of an authentic transformation for both you and your “right-fit” clients.

P.P.S: Just in case for some reason you still need MORE confirmation and proof this is worth your time, please watch this very short video featuring several of your fellow financial advisors.
Make A Smart Decision NOW And Join Us! 
Boot Camp Is OPEN!
Retail Price: $2,997.00
Pittsburgh Airport Hyatt in Pittsburgh, PA
Click The Button To Join Us On
May 6, 7 & 8, 2020
…or Call (800) 281-1575
WARNING: Boot Camp always sells out fast! 
Act now so you don’t miss out.
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