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With HALF The Clients, 
Staff and Stress!"

Scott Keffer's

DOUBLE Your Affluent CLIENTS® 
3-Day Transformation Boot Camp

IF... YOU Are Tired of Watching The 
Winds of Success Carry Other Advisors 
to Greater and Greater Success...

Then... Here's Why YOU Must Listen 
And Pay Attention Right NOW!

Winter is Coming... 

There are NEW Forces at Work 
That Are Creating WINNERS... and LOSERS!

I Want To Give YOU The 
Proven Blueprint to be a WINNER!    

Burned Out After 32 Years!

“I Was Ready To Quit. Since Boot Camp, 
My Business has DOUBLED and 
I'm Working HALF The Time!”

Bill McLaughlin was ready to call it quits after 32 years. Still working nights and weekends meeting with way too many non-qualified prospects. He heard how Scott was helping advisors, and he thought, "What do I have to lose?"  So he registered and attended Boot Camp. 

Bill McLaughlin, CFP
(32 years experience) 
Wall, New Jersey

“After 32 years, I had resigned myself to my current level of income. Since Scott Keffer's Boot Camp, I have DOUBLED my income twice and 
I work HALF the time!
Bill McLaughlin, CFP

As we all know and have previously read in fine print, unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. All testimonials are real and are not intended to be representative of typical results nor are they a guarantee or promise of any results. Rather, individual successes vary and are due to myriad factors such as effort, knowledge, techniques, timing, and experience.

Here's What YOU Can Expect...

YOU Will SUPERCHARGE Your Revenue and Income...  Even If YOU Think You Suck at Marketing (I Did)!

YOU Will UNLEASH The Genius Laying Dormant Within You... And Stop Wasting Money on Silly Marketing Schemes Promoted By Our INDUSTRY (FMOs, B/Ds, Investment and Insurance companies) That Sound Great At The Industry Conferences... 

BUT Never Translate Into What Matters Most... 
More Affluent Clients For YOU

YOUR Brain Will Be Infused With Business Breakthrough Principles So That... YOU Will INSTANTLY Start Making Better Decisions In YOUR Business (and Life)!

YOU Will STOP Settling For Less!

And much, much more!

Working 70 Hour Weeks!

“I Was So Skeptical!
My Revenue has QUADRUPLED...
and I NOW Take 3 Months Vacation!

Sharon saw Scott speak at Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor training. What Scott taught the group resonated with Sharon... but she was skeptical. She knew she had to upgrade her clients, 
so she registered and attended Boot Camp. 

Sharon Duncan, MBA, CFP
(12 years experience) 
Friendswood, Texas

“I was so skeptical, I almost didn't come. With Scott's systems and help, our revenue has QUADRUPLED. I went from 100-hour weeks to 
3 months off!”
Sharon Duncan, MBA, CFP

This Is For YOU If...

... YOU are SICK AND TIRED of Waiting For YOUR Income To Explode...

... YOU Are FINISHED Throwing your Money After Marketing Gimmicks... 

... YOU Are WEARY of Promising Family, “This Year Will Be MY Year"...

... YOU Are FED UP Watching Other Advisors Crush It!

3 Easy Steps For YOU!


Join Us 
At The Beautiful Hyatt Regency  
On April 3, 4, 5, 2024

Retail Price: $3,000.00

1. ATTEND Boot Camp and Get The Transformation Roadmap

2. ATTRACT Qualified  Affluent Clients 
in Bunches The 
NEW and EASY Way 

3. PROFIT by Doubling Your INCOME With 
HALF the Clients, 
Staff and Stress!


- YOU Have A Steady Flow of Qualified AFFLUENT Prospects...

YOU Have Prospects Coming To YOU Wanting To Be YOUR Client

- YOU Are A Trusted Authority and The "Advisor Of Choice" For The Affluent...

- YOU Easily Convert Affluent Prospects Into Clients Without Being Hard Sell...

- YOU Are Making The Income YOU Want and Deserve!

- You Have The Respect Of Your Peers and Your Family For A Job Well Done…

- YOU Look In The Mirror Each Day and YOU Are Happy With Your Success!

Struggling And No Hope...

“I Was Struggling. Since Boot Camp, 
My Assets (AUM) Have QUADRUPLED!”

To Learn How Dennis QUADRUPLED His AUM (With COVID), Watch This...
Dennis Mojares, Sr.
(23 years experience) 
East Hanover, New Jersey
“When I came to Scott's Boot Camp, I was struggling. 
With Scott's Roadmap, 
He gave me everything 
I need to succeed with 
affluent clients. ”

Dennis Mojares, Sr.

Don't Miss 
YOUR Once-In-A-Lifetime 

YOU Will Meet and Learn From 
“Rudy” Ruettiger
aka The REAL “RUDY”
from what many call
“THE GREATEST Inspirational Movie

More Importantly, YOU Will Discover How To Get In Front Of Any Prospect Using The Same Easy Technique That Rudy Used To Get The Movie Made When Everyone Said "NO!" 

Here’s the CRITICAL question: 
If YOU keep doing what you have been doing… 
will it get YOU the income you want?

Hesitating Cost This Advisor 
Hundreds of Thousands Of Dollars

Small Town... Small Clients!

I Resisted Coming For 2 Years! What A Mistake!”

Scott was a Keynote Speaker at the FIG (Financial Independance Group) National Sales Symposium and Chad Disbennett was in the audience. He was intrigued, but he hesitated. He did nothing
For two years, he kept hoping things would change. They didn't. 
Until he registered and attended Boot Camp. 

“I’m in a small town of 30,000 people. I resisted coming for 2 years. Big mistake. Since Scott’s Boot Camp, my AUM had quadrupled! Wow!”

Chad Disbennett, CFP
(8 years experience) Lancaster, Ohio
“Scott Keffer’s Double Your Affluent Clients program and live seminars are known to thousands of financial advisors….”
Huffington Post

This Is NOT A Typical Industry Program Jammed With 
27 Speakers Sharing Generalities For An Hour...
But NEVER Showing YOU How...

YOU Will Possess The Keys to 
in 6 Sessions... 3 Short Days!

SESSION #1 of 6:

“How To Profit FAST Using The NEW Rules For 
Affluent Marketing and Business Success!”

The Bottom Line
The rules for marketing and business success 
changed overnight in 2020. They are never going back. 
You will discover how to profit FAST with The Practice Transformation Roadmap – the step-by-step system to DOUBLE your income with HALF the clients, which means more money, time, and energy for YOU!

Lost His Passion!

“I Had Lost My Passion For The Business. My AUM Has DOUBLED With Less Clients!

The decision to go to Scott Keffer’s Boot Camp is a no brainer. Scott helped me DOUBLE my AUM with one third LESS clientsBest 3 days I’ve ever spent!”

Keith Thomson, CFP
(21 years experience) Toronto, Canada

SESSION #2 of 6:

“How To Automatically Attract Affluent Clients NOW…
Without Looking Like Every Other Annuity Salesperson!”

The Bottom Line
Want a PREDICTABLE flow of AFFLUENT prospects? 
You can’t “chase” affluent clients.
You will discover what is working NOW to boost your credibility, instantly set yourself apart from every other advisor and MAGNETICALLY attract qualified AFFLUENT prospects. If you’re sick and tired of throwing good money after bad following the INDUSTRY, this ONE session will make your investment in the entire Boot Camp worth it.

Coasting, Until...

“Best Decision. One Of Scott's Strategies 
Got Me 43 NEW AFFLUENT Prospects!

“At the Boot Camp, ONE of Scott’s strategies resulted in 43 NEW AFFLUENT prospects
I was going to retire. Instead, I grew my AUM. Best decision of my career!”

Richard Coe, CFP
(38 years experience) Wichita, Kansas

SESSION #3 of 6:

“How To Convert (Almost) Every Affluent Prospect Into A Trusting Client… Without Being Hard Sell or Pushy!”

The Bottom Line
You can't sell the affluent. 
They won't be sold... BUT they love to buy! 
Once you have the systems to attract as many affluent prospects as you want, you’ll want to know the secrets for easily converting doubting prospects into trusting clients without being hard sell. You’ll be handed powerful keys to influence, motivate and persuade 
affluent prospects in the fastest and most ethical way possible.

Want it ALL?
YOU are ONE Click Away

SESSION #4 of 6:

“How To Cement Affluent Clients To YOU For Life…
Without Cutting Your Fees and Working for Nearly Free!”

The Bottom Line
Most advisors, crushed under an avalanche of commoditization, are trying to “woo” clients by slashing their fees.
I’ll share with you the keys to create an unforgettable client experience that cements affluent clients to you for life. They’ll never leave. EVER! 
You will have an iron fence around your BEST clients 
that keeps other advisors out.
“Scott Keffer shows financial advisors how to double, quadruple and even 10X their business
Scott is the real deal.” 
Kevin Harrington, 
Original Shark on 
ABC TV’s Shark Tank 

All NEW 3-Day LIVE Virtual Boot Camp Is OPEN!

Retail Price: $3,000.00

Join Us
At The Beautiful Hyatt Regency
On April 3, 4, 5, 2024

... or call (412) 854-7860

SESSION #5 of 6:

“How to Double Your Team’s (And Your) Output and Enjoy BIGGER Results… Without Working Harder or Longer!”

The Bottom Line
Advisors are notorious for working harder (and longer) instead of SMARTER, missing out on the best years with family and friends! 
When you hand your team my simple, yet powerful, systems, templates and tools, their output will (almost) instantly increase by 1.8 times. DOUBLE productivity while working LESS! Your business will run like clockwork WITHOUT you. Imagine having an enthusiastic team working in unison to increase your success. Even when you aren’t there!

Plateaued In Federal Market!

“I Went To Boot Camp Unsure. Since Then, My
Commission and AUM Have DOUBLED!

“I went to Scott’s Boot Camp kind of unsure. Since then, my commission 
and AUM have DOUBLED.”

Tony Roberts, ChFC, CSA
(23 years experience) Louisville, Kentucky

SESSION #6 of 6:

“How To Transform Your Labor-Intensive Practice Into A Wealth-Building Business… Without Killing Yourself!”

The Bottom Line
Most advisors are slaves to their practice AND never create real wealth. They are never able to exit the advisor treadmill!
Your business will work for you, NOT the other way around. You will possess the WEALTH-BUILDING BUSINESS FORMULA for maximum money, time and energy so that you can have a BIG Impact® on your family, friends and causes YOU care about deeply
“Scott Keffer is the highly sought after and highly paid Marketing Master.”

Leeza Gibbons
Emmy-Award Winning TV Host, New York Times 
Best Selling Author
Need More Info?
Click The Video Below!


“How To Create Your Own Personal Brand Shark Tank Style”

The Bottom Line: Discover how YOU can apply the very same principles that Kevin Harrington used to get chosen to be an original Shark on ABC TV's mega-hit series, Shark Tank.
Kevin Harington, Original Shark on ABC TV’s Shark Tank, is the Inventor of the Infomercial, Pioneer of the “As Seen On TV” Industry, has created $5 Billion in Global Sales, and started 20 Companies with over $100 million in revenue.

All NEW 3-Day  LIVE Boot Camp Is OPEN!

Retail Price: $3,000.00

Join Us On April 3, 4, 5, 2024
at the beautiful
Pittsburgh Airport Hyatt Regency

... or Call (800) 281-1575

WARNING: Boot Camp always sells out fast! Act now so you don’t miss out.

Here’s How To Know If This Is For YOU…

  • This is for YOU if you’re sick and tired of struggling and you want MORE AFFLUENT clients.
  • This is for YOU if you want a reliable formula for consistently converting doubting prospects into trusting clients.
  • This is for YOU if you’d love to discover proven strategies for growing your business that are shockingly effective and will put you miles ahead of your competition.
  • ​This is for YOU if you want to have FUN in your business!

If this resonates with YOU, 
take IMMEDIATE action and Register NOW...

Changed Careers!

“A Proven Path To A 7-Figure Business. 
My AUM Has Grown Over 5X!”

“When I came to Boot Camp, I was looking for a proven path to a million dollar business. With Scott Keffer’s innovative training, my AUM has grown over 5X.”

Barry Spencer
(6 years experience) Alpharetta, Georgia

All NEW 3-Day LIVE Boot Camp Is OPEN!

Retail Price: $3,000.00

Join Us On April 3, 4, 5, 2024
at the beautiful
Pittsburgh Airport Hyatt Regency

... or Call (412) 854-7860 NOW!

Their Transformation Began at Boot Camp...
Will You Be There?

“Scott Gave Templates To Create 3 Client Niches. My AUM Has DOUBLED!”

“Scott’s training gave me templates to create 3 specific client niches and a written description of each. I was able to easily target my marketing and, as a result, 

Anne Trinh, CFP, CEBS
(16 years experience) Torrance, California

“The Boot Camp Is A Game Changer. 
My Revenue DOUBLED!”

“The Boot Camp is a game changer. Working with Scott's systems, tools and coaching, 
my revenue has doubled.

Murray Weaver, CFP
(38 years experience) 
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

“I Flew In From Hawaii. Worth Every Penny. 
The Exact Tools To Attract AFFLUENT Clients!”

"I flew from Hawaii and it was worth every penny. Scott has done all the work to create the exact tools I need to attract and
engage more affluent clients
I don’t have to think.”

Cliff Robello, CFP, ChFC
(32 years experience)Honolulu, Hawaii

Who Is Scott Keffer?

A Rags-to-Riches Success Story

From a painfully-shy, introverted geek (who initially failed out of financial services)...


An advisor who built an affluent-only financial services business... 


One of North America’s Highest Paid Advisor Growth Coaches!

As the CEO of Scott Keffer International, he and his team help successful financial advisors DOUBLE their INCOME with HALF the clients, so that they can take home more income, take off more time and have a BIG Impact® on their family, friends, clients and causes they care about deeply.

He creates BIG Impact® Advisors!

I Say This For THREE Reasons…

FIRST, after years of searching, learning, testing, and investing more than $312,000 of my own money in working with the best, I opened the doors to the DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients Boot Camp.

Not only have I been blessed with incredible success through the strategies I will teach you, as word spread, I’m routinely in demand as a speaker, and have written an Amazon Best Seller specifically for Financial Advisors. The value for you is real.

Boot Camp is a LIVE 3-day coaching event with me, and the Super Bonus of one carefully selected guest speaker and trainer. If you choose to join us…

Your Life 
WILL Change Forever

  • If you implemented what you are given, your income will very likely go up. You’ll find it so much easier and fulfilling to impact the lives of your clients in an entirely new way. 
  • You’ll experience an ongoing level of transformation and breakthroughs in your business unlike anything you’ve achieved before.  
  • You will fully realize that no matter how well you may or may not currently be doing, you have all the potential to continually increase your revenue at will, simply by implementing what I will teach you.
  • Your stress and frustration about attracting new right-fit clients will disappear. You’ll be able to make MORE in LESS time. In fact, you will discover a personal freedom you may never have had before.
  • You will also realize your business can, and SHOULD, run better even when you aren’t there. This is truly the ultimate freedom!
  • This will be a MASSIVE upgrade in your status and lifestyle. You may even find other Financial Advisors a bit stunned and curious about how you have achieved this. So be prepared for that!

One day of personal mentoring with me 
is a $20,000 investment...
But YOU will get access to ME for 
THREE WHOLE DAYS for a fraction...
IF you act quickly

You will be hard pressed to find ANY advisor training this comprehensive, and ready-to-implement the minute you return home from Boot Camp

And just to make your decision even easier, I’ll guarantee this is…

A RISK FREE Decision You Can Make With Peace Of Mind!

Scott Keffer is amazing.
To take your financial advisor business to the next level, I want you to work with Scott.”
Jack Canfield
#1 New York Times 
Best-Selling Author,
The Success Principles and 
Chicken Soup for the Soul 
You can confidently make your decision to attend Boot Camp right now! 

If you leave this page now and wait too long to return, you could very well see we are already closed and you’ve missed out

In addition, the very best price is the one you see here TODAY

The closer we get to Boot Camp, the higher the investment.

Reserve your seat now, before it’s too late!

I look forward to meeting you in person very soon!



Scott Keffer
Founder and CEO
Scott Keffer International
Double Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp

P.S. Today is the day you decide. 

Will YOUR Fortunes change like so many others?

You CHOOSE whether you want to keep on settling for “ordinary” (with the same ordinary results)... 

... Or whether you are ready to TRANSFORM yourself and your INCOME... FOREVER! 

Retail Price: $3,000.00

Join Us On April 3, 4, 5, 2024
at the beautiful
Pittsburgh Airport Hyatt Regency

... or Call (412) 854-7860 Today!

WARNING: Price rises as the date approaches! Act now so you don’t miss out.

© Scott Keffer International

As we all know and have previously read in fine print, unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. All testimonials are real and are not intended to be representative of typical results nor are they a guarantee or promise of any results. Rather, individual successes vary and are due to myriad factors such as effort, knowledge, techniques, timing, and experience.

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